Scammer Unwittingly Adds Communications Minister Into WhatsApp Group & It's Kinda Comical

"The admin of the group has removed you."

Cover image via Fahmi Fadzil (Facebook) & @fahmi_fadzil (Twitter)

If you use WhatsApp, you've more than likely had the annoying experience of being added into a WhatsApp spam group, which is usually a scam, a phishing attempt, or marketing drivel

Hilariously, this scammer got a taste of some good ol' fashion karma when he unknowingly added Malaysia's very own Digital Communications Minister, Fahmi Fadzil.

The newly-minted minister tweeted about the incident on 25 December, writing that he was added to a scam WhatsApp group named "TikTok Traffic Group E83".

The group admin and scammer in question, dubbed "TikTok-Jane", began by welcoming new members and detailing the questionable purposes for which the group was created.

"You won't lose anything, nor spend any money. Being a member of this group will allow you to continue your peaceful lives, while making friends and making additional income along the way."

Safe to say, Fahmi saw through the rouse and was not impressed

The 41-year-old exacted retribution on behalf of all Malaysians who have fallen victim to similar scams when he bluntly informed the group that he had reported its existence to the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Unsurprisingly, he was promptly booted from the group.

Fahmi ended his small PSA by calling upon cyber-scam victims to contact the authorities via 997.

Image via @fahmi_fadzil

One Twitter user provided a helpful tip to avoid being added to such WhatsApp groups by strangers in the first place

Image via Twitter

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