There's A New Scam Tactic That Convinces Kids To Share Their Parents' Credit Card Info

In a viral Facebook post, a woman shared details of how the scammer convinces children to submit their parents' credit card information.

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A Malaysian woman recently shared on Facebook about a new modus operandi to which scammers would lure young children with game coins to obtain their parents' credit card information

In her Facebook post, the woman warned parents to keep an eye on their children if they play mobile games because scammers are now targeting them in their latest scheme.

She shared a conversation in which a scammer told a child they could obtain in-game avatar skins by sending a family member's debit or credit card information.

"All you need to do is take a photo of your bank card and send it to me. You do not have to do anything else, and there is no risk. If you do not have a bank card, you can also use your family's card," said the scammer.

Image via Facebook

The scammer then explained to their victims how the syndicate charges for the game coins

"This is how we charge around here. One card is worth 380 (game coins) and can be exchanged for two skins, two cards are worth 730 (coins) and can be exchanged for five skins, and three cards are worth 1,200 (coins) and can be exchanged for eight skins," said the scammer.

To convince children that their scheme is legitimate, they sent photos of Touch 'n Go transactions that they have purportedly done in the past.

Image via Facebook

In another screenshot shared by the woman, it is revealed that a child became a victim of this scheme

The child sent photos of two different debit cards in exchange for 730 game coins or five avatar skins. When the scammer questioned who owned the cards, the child innocently stated that the cards belonged to his mother.

Image via Facebook

The woman's Facebook post has since gone viral on social media with over 1,100 shares.

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