Jackson Wang Was Spotted At IOI City Mall And Suddenly We're Craving Hot Pot Too

At this point, just live in Malaysia lah, Jackson.

Cover image via CharzLe (Twitter) & dygaaagaja (Twitter)

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K-pop superstar Jackson Wang was spotted at IOI City Mall having hot pot and needless to say, we wish we were there too

Having had his Magic Man world tour concert at Axiata Arena just three days ago, on 17 December, Wang has now been spotted at Mala Mini Hotpot Premium, IOI City Mall, leaving many fans surprised at his unprecedented sighting.

It seems that meeting our very own Malaysian badminton legend Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei was not the final agenda on the artiste's list.

Apparently, Wang also had a dance workshop tour hosted at Sunway University prior to his dinner at the popular hot pot place

Screenshots from Sunway University's Instagram Stories showed Jackson Wang at his dance workshop tour held at Jeffrey Cheah Hall in Sunway University.

Image via @sunwayuniversity (Instagram)

Some unsuspecting fans were lucky enough to come across the artiste during their time at the mall

Meanwhile, most fans (including us) were not so lucky

'Jackson Wang' started trending on Twitter with over 11,000 tweets (at the time of writing), as fans began finding out of the artiste appearance at the shopping mall. Just like us, most fans also just found out today. :')

Image via Twitter

In case you missed it, Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei also got to meet Jackson Wang two days ago:

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