"They Treated Me Like A Terrorist" — PewDiePie's Worst Flight Experience Was In Malaysia

According to the YouTuber, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, he was even questioned about the contents in his bag.

Cover image via CinnamonToastKen (YouTube) & Kelly/Pexels

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Swedish YouTuber and gamer, Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known online as PewDiePie, is arguably one of the most recognisable faces in the world

Possessing the fifth most subscribed channel on YouTube, Kjellberg's popularity does not necessarily mean he hasn't faced his own share of issues that everyday people can relate to as well.

Last Thursday, 8 December, PewDiePie appeared in a YouTube video posted by fellow gamer and vlogger, Ken Morrison, known by his screen name CinnamonToastKen. The video itself was called "Angry Airline Passengers".

In the video, Morrison and Kjellberg reacted to another YouTube video, titled "Airline Passenger Freakouts | PART 3|", which displayed a compilation of videos relating to other people who displayed frustration or anger while at different airports.

Throughout the 16-minute feature, Morrison and Kjellberg cracked some jokes and added their takes on the compiled clips, discussing their own personal experiences of flying internationally as well.

Unfortunately for all Malaysian fans — PewDiePie revealed that his worst flight experience happened on a trip where he was supposed to return home from Malaysia

Without giving away specific details, including the year of this occurrence, the airline he was on, and the people he was with, Kjellberg explained his reasoning at approximately the 7:45 minute mark of the video.

"We were on the flight — two hours passed and we were like "Why have we not left yet? What's going on here?" Then, all of a sudden, they take us out and say "Sorry, no more flights today," and by that point, it's 2am."

After getting off the plane, Kjellberg said that he (and the people he was with) proceeded to go to two different hotels, both of which were fully booked and unable to provide them with accommodation for the night. At that point, he stated that they had decided to sleep in the lobby of the hotel.

Shortly after that, Kjellberg explained how a Malaysian man, who happened to be sitting next to him in the lobby, was farting repeatedly

Though Kjellberg and Morrison continued to laugh off the situation, Pewds stated that it did not end there, and said he felt he was being treated like a terrorist on the flight that did not take off.

"On that flight as well, they treated me like I was a terrorist because I had those giant portable batteries. He was like, "What is that?!"," said Kjellberg in reference to a man whose role or identity was not revealed. 

After that point, the clip continues on until completion. There was no further discussion between Morrison and Kjellberg regarding the incident. 

Since the publication of the video, multiple Malaysians have taken to the comments section and apologised to Kjellberg for his bad experience here — including the farting

And while Kjellberg did not state which airport he was at with the flight that got cancelled, a few commenters assumed, and apologised on behalf of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Watch the full video of the reaction on YouTube below:

Fans are now speculating that the incident Pewds is talking about could be from his 2016 trip to Malaysia:

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