Little Girl Traumatised After Almost Eating Cicak With Her Ice Cream

New fear unlocked.

Cover image via @utusantvofficial (TikTok)

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A little girl from Indonesia will probably never be able to eat ice cream again after what she went through in a recent video

In a TikTok video posted by UtusanTV on Monday, 26 December, the poor girl is seen enjoying an ice cream cone on camera.

As she munches on the cone and licks the ice cream with gusto, her teeth grab onto what seems to be a piece of chocolate embedded in the ice cream.

As she bites onto the piece of "chocolate", she realises that it was moving and quickly spits it onto her hand

To her horror, it turned out to be a live house lizard that she bit into.

As soon as her teeth let the lizard go, it quickly scuttled off her hand as the little girl recoiled in fear and dropped the rest of the ice cream onto the floor.

The ice cream fiasco went viral, garnering 244,400 views and 11,400 likes on TikTok

Many netizens empathised with the little girl and said that they too were a little bit traumatised just from watching the video.

Image via TikTok

Others speculated that the lizard had actually fallen onto the ice cream off camera and the little girl didn't notice.

Image via TikTok

You can watch the full video below:

House lizards are common in our homes, and it seems they are in our food as well:

Even cats aren't safe from lizards terrorising their food:

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