"I Love How Much It Rains" – American Expat Shares 5 Strange Reasons She Loves Malaysia

Lilith also said that she loves the Malaysian slang and that she appreciates our country's affordable education.

Cover image via @lilithinkl (TikTok) & Amirul Johari/New Straits Times

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An American expat's TikTok video recently went viral after she shared five strange reasons why she loves Malaysia

In the 56-second clip, user @lilithinkl said that she loves Malaysia not only for common reasons such as our food and culture, but also for other "strange" things we offer in our country.

The American expat, Lilith, first stated that she loved Malaysia due to its rainy weather.

"I love how much it rains. I'm from the desert, so we don't get rain that often," she explained.

She went on to say that she would be happy even if it rained every day in Malaysia.

The expat also enjoys the sunsets in Malaysia because the scenery appears surreal to her

"Your sunsets, when they happen, they are absolutely unreal," she was quoted as saying.

Aside from our weather and sunsets, Lilith mentioned that she enjoys the Malaysian slang and hopes the locals do not mind if she uses it.

"I love your slang, lah, mah, weh, and meh. They are so much fun and I hope you guys don't mind if I use them," she said.

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Lilith also said that she is obsessed with our local fruits

"I cannot get enough of your local fruits, seriously," said the American, adding that she has become obsessed with mangosteen since moving to Malaysia, eating them almost every single day.

Lilith then emphasises the affordable education available in our country as the fifth and final reason she loves Malaysia.

The TikToker explained that even though affordable education does not directly benefit her current life, it was valuable to her at one point in the past.

"Your education is so affordable, and I am here for it," Lilith added.

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Image via National Geographic

Watch Lilith list down five reasons why she loves Malaysia here:

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