Aussie TikToker 'Converted' To Using Spoon For Eating Rice After Moving To Southeast Asia

"What the fork?"

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"Did you know that in Australia, we eat rice with a fork?"

In a recent video posted by TikTok user Georgia, an Australian expat, she revealed that eating rice with a fork was a thing back in Australia. And it got Malaysians gobsmacked.

She mentions that using forks to eat rice is the norm in Australia. She even points out that Australians may think it's weird if someone were to use a spoon to eat their rice. 

That was until she moved to Singapore, and later Kuala Lumpur, and realised that it's the COMPLETE opposite here, many Malaysians wasted no time letting her know in the comments.

Commenters were either shocked or tickled to see her video, to say the least

Some took the liberty of pointing out that rice is tricky to eat with a fork as many rice dishes in Malaysia are eaten with lots of sauce and gravy. Therefore, a spoon is required to ensure nothing spills.

Another commenter shared that hands are usually used for plain white rice, whereas for rice dishes such as fried rice, a spoon is normally used.

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And she agrees!

Speaking with SAYS, Georgia explained that the differences between Australian and Asian foods are very different, hence the need for different utensils. In Australia, where more dishes are meat-based, knives and forks are used more and spoons are reserved for soups and desserts. 

She admitted it was a culture shock when she first moved to Singapore and many friends and colleagues teased her for using a fork.

But after getting used to the spoon, Georgia mentions in the video that it's much easier to enjoy rice with a spoon and she loves the efficiency of it. 

She's 100% a spoon convert now! In fact, she is openly accepting other utensil suggestions to eat rice, such as using her bare hands or chopsticks.

Whatever makes you happy

Despite the ongoing debate in the comments, some netizens pointed out that as long as a utensil gets food into your mouth, it's fine to use it.

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"To each their own," said another commenter.

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So with which utensil do you think it is easier to eat rice?

Are you Team Fork or Team Spoon? Or are you neither and use other methods to eat your rice?

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