People Aren't OK With This Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe By Wife Of Masterchef UK Judge

"Beautifully simple."

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Lisa Faulkner, the wife of MasterChef UK judge John Torode in the 'crispy rendang' controversy earlier this year, has recently shared a recipe for Hainanese chicken rice on a podcast, and Asians aren’t too thrilled with it

Faulkner's not-so-Hainanese chicken rice.

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Hailing it as "beautifully simple", Faulkner made the "hassle-free version" of the dish on a podcast with William Sitwell, the editor of UK-based Waitrose & Partners Food magazine recently.

"This dish (Hainanese chicken rice) is the national dish of Singapore so if you're in that part of the world, this is the classical dish," Faulkner was told by Sitwell before she began cooking it.

A shot of Faulkner's ingredients for the her Hainanese chicken rice.

Image via The Guardian

Her version of the dish is drizzled with lime juice and honey

Her recipe for the dish, which was published by The Guardian, includes:

- Spring onions,
- Red chilli,
- Grated zest and juice of lime,
- Honey,
- Chicken breast fillets,
- Jasmine rice,
- and Hainanese paste.

A "sauce", combining spring onions, chilli, lime juice, and honey, will be "drizzled" on top of the chicken fillets and rice.

The recipe was published on The Guardian.

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Netizens have since criticised Faulkner for her version of the dish

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Image via Facebook

One netizen decided to respond to Faulkner's dish with wit instead.

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However, some are less critical of her Hainanese chicken rice

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Contrary to Faulkner’s recipe, the "classical" version of Hainanese chicken rice we know in this part of the world looks more like this:

Image via Steamy Kitchen

Traditional Hainanese chicken rice will typically be cooked and served with a side of ginger sauce and a chilli dipping sauce that’s served separate from the dish.

While there are variations of recipes for the perfect Hainanese chicken rice, drizzling the plate with lime juice and honey are unheard of. Until now.

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