Feel Free To File A Police Report If You Have Noisy Neighbours, PDRM Reminds

"Excessive noise constitutes a criminal offence."

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Are you often kept awake by motorcycles revving or loud music playing in the middle of the night?

Just lodge a police report, says the Royal Malaysia Police.

"Do you live in a neighbourhood made less peaceful by loud noises?" read a post published on their official Facebook page on 8 October.

"Excessive noise is a nuisance and constitutes a criminal offence."

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In the event that a neighbour is constantly making noise such as by "playing with fireworks, revving the engine on their motorcycle, laughing loudly, or playing music to the point that it disturbs the peace," Royal Malaysia Police advises Malaysians to immediately file a police report at the nearest police station.

Those who make "excessive noise" shall be liable to a fine not exceeding RM100 if convicted under section 13(1) of the Minor Offences Act 1955

Under the Act, playing loud instruments such as drums or playing music on loud speakers "as to cause annoyance or inconvenience to occupants of any premises in the vicinity" qualifies as excessive noise

This would include noises made near public roads, public places, business premises, or places which adjoin public roads.

The police advise those who are dissatisfied with noisy neighbours to avoid taking matters into their own hands

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It was explained in the Facebook post that taking action against others without police assistance could potentially lead to people unknowingly committing criminal offences.

"As Malaysians, we should all do our part to encourage community spirit and avoid disturbing neighbours," the statement read.

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