Friends Of "Overworked" M'sian Auditor Call Out Unhealthy Work Culture After His Death

"I am writing this in hopes that the audit culture in Malaysia will change."

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On 4 October, a netizen announced on Facebook that a "good friend passed away yesterday."

The reason, he explained in his now viral post, is because the 24-year-old was "overworked."

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In Adam Chan's Facebook post, which has garnered close to 4,800 shares at the time of writing, he explained that his friend left the office at 2am and met with an accident while travelling home.

According to their mutual friends, the victim worked late despite wanting to go home earlier because "it's the culture in the audit department that no one should leave the office before works are completed and before your senior leaves."

"Nobody cares if you are tired, have someone waiting for you to go home, or have any excuses that could delay the work done or affect the overall audit team performance and image," Adam wrote.

Though he himself is not an auditor, Adam expressed hope for the issue of overworking to be taken seriously so that the work culture changes

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"Those of you who are in auditing line, please take good care of yourself and make sure you get enough rest, or a little rest if you're too busy," he said.

He ended the post by saying, "May you rest in peace my good friend. You'll be missed forever."

Following Adam's post, another friend of the victim also took to Facebook to share her experience as an intern in a major audit firm in Malaysia

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In her post, Hoo Xinyi recalls leaving the office at 2am, being surrounded by colleagues too afraid to ask their manager when they could leave or eat dinner, and getting gastritis from eating at irregular times.

"You can only leave when your boss or seniors leave. Of course, your boss and seniors may have more on their plate and take on longer hours, so young workers like me ended up staying late without any real reason other than as a show of respect," she said.

"I am writing this in honour of my friend who passed away due to being overworked. I am writing this in hopes that the audit culture in Malaysia will change," Xinyi explained.

"Not only the audit culture but also the Asian working culture." she said.

Acknowledging that nothing will change unless more people speak out, Xinyi wrote that, "Together we can make a difference."

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