"Are You A Cat Or Am I A Cat?" — Cat Watches On As Monitor Lizard Eats Its Food

"Once boss oyen comes, then you'll know," said a comment.

Cover image via lipkal543 (TikTok)

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It's a difficult life for most of us in this economy, but it seems to be even harder for this particular cat, who had its kibble stolen by a monitor lizard

A video showing a monitor lizard eating kibble out of a pet bowl, while a cat could only watch on from a distance, has gone viral on TikTok. The caption says, "Only in UIA (IIUM)," which proves that it's the troublesome resident monitor lizard again who's up to no good.

Since it was posted, the video has garnered over 470,000 views and 72,600 likes.

"Is this 'discatmination'?" said the cat. Probably.

Image via lipkal543 (TikTok)

The monitor lizard can't remember the last time it's had such good food...

...but the cat does

"I will get my revenge one day," the cat purred

Most users couldn't help but feel pity for the cat as they witnessed the crime unfold before them

A user said, on behalf of cat, "It's okay. It's better the lizard eat my food than eat me," while another user was concerned the lizard might start meowing after this.

"Are you a cat or am I a cat?" said a user, while others were pitying the cat for being the poor victim.

Meanwhile, some users demanded the oyens to rise to the occasion and fight for justice on behalf of the victim cat.

Watch the full video below:

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