"He Actually Has 9 Lives" — Cat Goes Viral Walking Across High Ledge At Apartment Complex

"This is giving me hypertension."

Cover image via @pttriee (TikTok)

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We all know the phrase about cats having nine lives — but one feline may just be putting that thought to the test in a recent TikTok

Posted by user @pttriee, the TikTok shows the cat in question, whose name is Romeo, walking on a ledge outside the window of an apartment complex.

While he is not clearly denotable at first, he sees the camera at the beginning of the 14-second mark, and starts to walk towards it. As the video progresses, it shows how high the condominium really is, though Romeo seems perfectly fine.

The clip ends with the fluffy kitten turning his head and looking right down at the bottom — rather casually and calmly.

Going viral on the platform, the video has since racked up almost 300,000 views and more than 20,000 likes

A few viewers couldn't help but hold their breath throughout the clip, anxious about Romeo being the daredevil that he is.

"I'm watching the video and I have hypertension!" wrote one person.

A few others made some lighthearted jokes, seemingly trying to diffuse the tension from the video. "My heart dropped, please pick it up," wrote one user.

Another person joked about cats having nine lives. "Inside, he probably wasn't worried, he knows he has nine lives anyways," commented another.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of commenters were advising the poster to watch Romeo and ensure that he doesn't have the opportunity to do this again.

"Please be careful, check that your windows aren't open again," advised one user, while another said an accident can happen if they're not careful.

Did your stomach turn, too?

Watch the full TikTok below:

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