McDonald's Employees Throw Surprise Farewell Party For Retiring 87-Year-Old Colleague

"Wishing you a lifetime of good health, uncle!"

Cover image via @afiqraffali (TikTok)

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We're often told to work hard when we're young to enjoy a more sedentary lifestyle once we get older.

But at the end of the day, age is just a number, and everyone's gonna march to the beat of their own drum!

A recent TikTok video has been making waves all over the Internet, for a very special colleague bidding farewell to his co-workers on his last day of work.

Posted by user @afiqraffali, the one-minute feature shows a heartwarming sight, of McDonald's employees throwing a surprise farewell party for their 87-year-old colleague, who's ready to retire.

The video begins with the man thanking everyone for thoughtfully planning out the event, followed by a slew of colleagues who approach the uncle to thank him for all he's done while working at their chain of McDonald's.

They even present him with a farewell present, and invite him back for a meal whenever he's free or in the neighbourhood.

The video ends with the whole group gathering around the uncle to get a group photo.

Posing for the camera, it's all smiles from everyone.

Since posting the video online, the TikTok has garnered over 160,000 views and 13,000 likes

It has also been revealed that the TikTok was taken from a McDonald's branch in Singapore.

With no dry eyes left in the comments section, many expressed how touched they were by the effort made by the McDonald's staff to celebrate their 87-year-old colleague. Others also wished the uncle a very happy retirement, having earned the well-deserved rest.

"I cried watching this video. This uncle has a very big spirit! Rest well at home uncle, and kudos to the team at McDonald's for treating him well during his time working there," wrote one person.

Other people also expressed their gratitude towards McDonald's as a franchise, for giving the uncle an opportunity to work at their establishment in Singapore despite his ripe age. 

"McDonald's is the best! There's no need to not hire them when they still have the ability to work."

While one person praised the uncle for being hardworking, another person stated that some people, in their mature age, prefer to work no matter their age, to keep active and on their feet.

"Sometimes, people around this age work to fill in their time. May you always stay healthy, uncle!"

Watch the full TikTok below:

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