Malaysian Woman Breaks Down In Tears After Approaching Stranger's Elderly Mother For A Hug

"Mum hugged her tight. In that moment, Malaysia was alright again."

Cover image via Anis Ramli (Facebook) & Restoran Sri Karak (Facebook)

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It's easy to forget that the older we get, the older our parents get too.

Our days are numbered which makes spending time with our loved ones so much more precious.

A woman, who goes by Anis Ramli, recently shared how she was having lunch with her parents in Sri Karak, PJ New Town when a stranger approached them.

"Mum was thoroughly enjoying her lunch as we ordered all her favourite dishes (read: fish head curry)," Anis penned in a LinkedIn post.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Restoran Sri Karak (Facebook)

As they were having their meal, a fellow diner approached them

"Auntie, I really enjoy seeing you eat. You really enjoy ah," the woman said to Anis' mum with a smile.

"Mum: 'Ya, ya. Food was good. That's why I enjoy.' (Smiling)"

"Lady: 'Good, good. Auntie. Sorry. (Paused) Can I hug you?'"

Taken aback but quickly recovering, her mum replied, "Sure, sure". 

The lady then hugged Anis' mum and began crying

"'My mom is 93,' she said between sobs."

"She can't eat. Only feeds through tubes. That's why I enjoyed seeing you enjoying your food and eating. I remembered my mum," she said, as she continued to sob.

"Mum hugged her tight. In that moment, Malaysia was alright again," wrote Anis.

Her post has since received over 7,700 likes, as hundreds of comments poured in of people who were tearing up by the heartfelt exchange between these two strangers

Image via LinkedIn
Image via LinkedIn
Image via LinkedIn
Image via LinkedIn

Anis also shared the story on Facebook. You can read it below:

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