Form 6 Teacher Has Emotional Farewell With Students On Their Last Day Of School

A teacher's dedication knows no limits.

Cover image via @nralyaelyna (TikTok)

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Many often denote teachers as being second parents to children at school. One very special teacher may have proven this to be true.

A recent TikTok video has been making waves all over the Internet of a teacher bidding her Form Six class farewell on their final day of school.

Posted by user @nralyaelyna, the 35-second feature is just that, with her approaching multiple students and giving them hugs before seemingly leaving the class. With tears in her eyes, the mentor can't help but break down while saying goodbye, leaving all our hearts sore from the visual.

One of her students can also be seen holding back tears, showing a clear emotional bond with her educator. The caption of the video reads, "There's [so many things we've been through]." It was later found out that the teacher is the class teacher of the girls she hugged.

Eventually, the identity of the teacher was revealed by her student who posted the TikTok, and that this wasn't the first batch of students who loved her dearly

After posting the video, the user, who goes by Alya, went on to pin a comment in the comments section with the TikTok account of the teacher herself, known as Cikgu Chandra

Though a public school teacher currently, Cikgu Chandra also lectured for the Malaysian Matriculation Programme (MMP) a few years ago.

A remarkable surprise, some of her former students who stumbled across the TikTok remembered their lecturer, and commented on her kindheartedness with students even since then. 

One person wrote, "My favourite lecturer during my [matriculation programme in Johor Bahru in 2010/2011. She's such a good lecturer and has always been close to her students. I miss her!]"

One of the comments even mentioned how lovely this teacher is, and the bond between her and the students is undeniable.

Hundreds of others also poured into the comments section to express how touched they were by the dedication of Cikgu Chandra

So many people were moved, saying they got emotional watching the students say their goodbye to Cikgu Chandra.

However, one comment conveyed to the students that this does not have to be the last interaction between them and their beloved teacher, "Once you start working, come back and visit your teacher. She will be very proud of you guys." 

Adding a similar sentiment to that was another person who told the girls to remember her along the path of life. "Remember that in the future, whether you succeed or not, not to forget all the kindhearted moments with your teachers who've helped you along the way. Buy her a present even if it's something regular."

One of the comments seemed to encapsulate the entirety of the feature, writing, "STPM teacher are literally like our parents," with the TikTok user who posted the video agreeing with the sentiment.

Watch the full TikTok below:

@nralyaelyna theres many things that we have been go through #stpm #form6 #stpmstudent suara asli - gabut woi

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