Locals Band Together To Cheer On & Help Giant Bus Get Out Of Tight Road In Camerons

The most Malaysian thing you'll see today.

Cover image via @syazwana.izy (TikTok)

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A recent TikTok of a bus driver trying to get through traffic has garnered the attention of millions — though not for what you may think

Published by user @syazwana.izy, the two-minute video begins with a large bus trying to squeeze through a narrow road. As the caption of the video writes "Only in Cameron", it's safe to say that this took place in Cameron Highlands.

With cars in every direction, the very start of the video is absolute pandemonium. A little further in, an unidentified black car is seen moving their car, trying to give the bus space to clear the turn. However, it doesn't really avail any progress. 

The bus driver carries on by reversing the car to shift the bus altogether, though that doesn't make any difference either.

At about halfway through the video, a bunch of locals gather around the bus to help the driver curve out through the turn

From teenagers to older uncles and even sets of parents, everyone comes to lend a helping hand.

Throughout the video, you can hear onlookers cringing, wailing, and cheering. One voice in the background even says, "If he gets it through, he has serious power."

Quickly thereafter, the group realises that two key vehicles are preventing the bus from from making the turn: the brown Proton saga, and the silver Perodua kancil. 

Luckily, however, the driver of the kancil soon arrives on the scene and moves their car slightly. A tinge of panic erupts when the car accidentally reverses, almost hitting the bus. Nevertheless, the kancil eventually moves forward.

And just like that, the bus manages to turn the corner! Everyone involved in the process (below and above) can be heard cheering, including the user who took the video. The driver gives a light honk, signalling his thanks to the crowd before carrying on with his journey.

Since posting it, the TikTok has garnered over two million views and 100,000 likes

The vast majority of comments praise the bus driver for his skill and precision. 

Nonetheless, a good portion of the comments even praise the people who gathered around to help the driver.

"The bus driver was so good he had an audience of supporters cheering him on," one said, while another noted, "Congratulations to everyone for working together, this is what we want to see," with a thumbs up emoji.

Watch the full TikTok below:

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