Kind PDRM Officer Helps Stranger Get To His Exam On Time By Offering A Ride


Cover image via @aimadazfar (Twitter)

Twitter user @aimadazfar recently shared a wholesome story of how a police officer helped his cousin make it to his exam on time

On 14 October, he tweeted that a road accident involving large trucks caused a roadblock on a highway.

One of the trucks, which appeared to have been carrying soil, had flipped over, blocking access on the road.

Seeing that @aimadazfar's cousin had to make it for an exam at 9am, one of the police officers at the scene offered to drop him off on his motorbike

"Thank you very much to the police officer for sending my cousin to his exam despite having finished work for the day," he wrote in the tweet.

"Sorry I don't know the name of this abang polis. If you know, please tag him!"

Photos showed his cousin sitting on the back of the police officer's motorbike as they sped off together.

Since his tweet went viral, the Internet has been praising the officer for his kind gesture

Image via Twitter

One person commented, "I don't know who the abang polis is. But if I see him, I'll definitely treat him to a meal. Thank you, abang PDRM. Salute."

Image via Twitter

You can check out the full tweet here:

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