[VIDEO] Kind Subang Man Uses Stick To Pull In Neighbour's Laundry Before It Rains

"He could have climbed over but he chose not to [out of] respect."

Cover image via Nur Syazana Izham (Facebook)

With everything going on in the world right now, it's touching to see Malaysians looking out for each other, even in the smallest of ways

Facebook user Nur Syazana Izham recently shared a video of how her kind-hearted neighbour in USJ 12 pulled in their laundry for them before it rained.

In closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, her neighbour is seen using a stick to drag two racks of laundry into a shaded area of the house

He patiently hooks the stick onto each of the racks before pulling them in slowly to keep the clothes from dropping.

"So speechless because he worked hard," she wrote in the caption, adding that it must have taken him several minutes to do.

Her video, which was shared on 2 October, has since garnered over 10,000 shares, as many praised the man for his kind actions

One person commented, "Very good neighbour. From what I can see, he could have climbed over but he chose not to [out of] respect."

In response, Nur Syazana said that he really is great. "Despite being elderly, he's still really strong."

In another reply to a comment, she wrote that both husband and wife are equally as kind.

Image via Facebook

You can watch the video here

Let's continue to put aside our ethnicities and beliefs to be a better nation, like in these other instances:

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