Photos Of A Motorcyclist Saving An Uncle From A Suicide Attempt Unite Malaysians Online

The incident took place on Sultan Ismail Bridge in Muar, Johor last Saturday, 7 March.

Cover image via Alvin Ngai/Facebook

Viral photos of a motorcyclist hanging on to an elderly man to prevent him from jumping off a bridge in Muar, Johor have touched the hearts of Malaysians online

In a Facebook post published on Saturday, 7 March, netizen Alvin Ngai said the photos stand to show that the spirit of unity in Malaysia is still running high despite politicians' attempt to spur a divide among the rakyat.

Writing in both Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin, Ngai said he was moved by a fellow Malay motorcyclist trying to save a Chinese uncle from jumping off a bridge

Dear politicians, stop repeatedly aggravating the relationship between the races for your own benefits.

"I love Malaysia. I love my friends of all races in Malaysia."

In a brief interview with SAYS, Ngai related that the reason he posted the photos is to remind the strong spirit of unity that exists among Malaysians, especially at a time where some members of the parliament have betrayed the people's mandate.

He hopes that the change of government will not erode the racial harmony we currently have in Malaysia.

The incident Ngai used to exemplify the unity in Malaysia took place on Sultan Ismail Bridge at 2.40pm on Saturday

According to China Press, the elderly man was suspected to be overwhelmed by the pressure of being physically ill. Thus, it led him to walk alone on the bridge and try to jump into the river.

Muar Fire and Rescue Station Operation Commander Mohd Jefri Jamal confirmed the case and said that the elderly man was indeed saved by a member of the public. After the victim had calmed down, he was then sent to a nearby hospital to receive treatment.

Ngai's timely post resonated with many netizens online as the ruling government was recently changed following a series of political manoeuvres, which began in late February

At the time of writing, Ngai's post has garnered over 5,300 shares and 12,000 reactions.

Hundreds of netizens posted thumbs up stickers and clapping GIFs in the comments section to commend the spirit of unity portrayed in the photos.

"All the Malays are kind and like to help people. Every time you see road accidents, (they will) stop and come to help," wrote a Facebook user.


Image via Facebook

"Actually, from the past to the present, the relationship we have between the races has always been great. It is just that politicians always play the (race) card and undermine our unity. They are not putting enough effort and always unable to finish a task," commented another person.

Image via Facebook

"We are all Malaysian. Don't be fooled by racist politicians. Brother, you are the best," said one netizen, calling the motorcyclist his 'brother'.

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"Good job to this Malay brother for saving a life regardless of his race," said a netizen.

"This is the spirit of unity that all people should learn and (we should) never listen to the incitement politicians make. They cultivate hatred and prejudice against others in order to fulfill their own political agenda."

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You can read Ngai's full Facebook post here:

uncle "Terlihat rakan kaum melayu yg sedang...

Posted by Alvin Ngai on Friday, March 6, 2020

Suicide is never the option.
If you or anyone you know may be at risk of suicide, please call these Malaysian hotlines:

Address: 85, Jalan 21/1, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: +603-7877 0224 | Website

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