29-Year-Old Woman Shares How Malaysians Of All Races Rushed To Her Aid In Tampin

Her dad had fallen down in front of a restaurant where they were having dinner.

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There are many things that bring Malaysians together - and one of it is going out of our way to help those in need

This was the case for 29-year-old advertising copywriter Gayathri Sharmili, who was in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan with her father and sister.

In an email to SAYS, she shared how Malaysians of all races came to her aid when she found herself in need of help while in an unfamiliar place on Friday, 6 September.

Gayathri had taken one of her usual trips from Kuala Lumpur back to Melaka and was about to have dinner with her family - when her father took a hard fall

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"Every Friday after work, I take the KTM back to the nearest station to Melaka. Usually, I get off at Senawang Station. But this was the second time, [I got off at] Tampin and then, after dinner, we were supposed to head back to Ayer Keroh, Melaka," Gayathri explained in her email.

"Due to loss of balance, my dad missed a step and fell in front of [our] eyes. He fell down too hard where he became unconscious and started bleeding profusely."

"We were helpless and were screaming our lungs out. Immediately, more than 15 Malaysians rushed to the scene and started helping us."

"As my dad is [on] blood thinner medicine, he was losing a lot of blood. That's when a God-sent Malay man came to the rescue," Gayathri related to SAYS.

"This young man requested for cloths and my dad was on his lap. He professionally handled my dad and made sure the bleeding stopped. He kept asking my dad questions so that he would stay conscious.

"On the other hand, a Chinese lady held my dad's hand and kept saying 'don't worry, God will save you'. Indian aunties, Chinese grandfathers, and Malay grandmothers were consoling us the kids to stay brave and assuring [us] that my dad will be fine."

Later on, Gayathri found out that five people had also called for an ambulance.

"In such a selfish world, all those souls left their meal half way and rushed to help us," she wrote

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"On that day, my dad was saved by true Malaysians who saw us as one of them. We were consoled and helped by angels from every race and religion," Gayathri added.

"The reason why I mentioned their races is to show that [at the] end of the day, Malaysia is made of us all. If it wasn't for that Malay man, my dad would have lost more blood.

"If it wasn't for that Chinese aunty, my dad would have given up. If it wasn't for the Indian aunties, my sister and I would have been left alone. These three races came together and saved my small family."

In her email to SAYS, Gayathri thanked each and every person who who was there to help her small family

"As I'm not from Tampin, I would love to thank each and everyone who were there (sic) to help us on that miserable night, especially that young man. May God bless them all and Klinik Kesihatan Tampin, dear paramedics, staff, and doctors, thank you very much for treating my dad with much care," she continued.

"No matter what [is] said and done, Malaysia is our home and no one could ever break such harmony and togetherness we share."

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"This incident will always be a reminder for me to be grateful that I was born in a country where people are there for each other," she added.

"With all the current racial issues going on, there's more to love about this country."

Gayathri also shared with SAYS that her father has been attending follow-up checkups and is recuperating from the fall, though he is still a little traumatised.

Thumbs up to all of you who helped your fellow Malaysians!

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