Grab Driver Who Waited For Muslim Girl To Finish Praying Receives Praise From Netizens

Faith in humanity restored.

Cover image via Grab & Twitter @AinulNunanaa

A Grab driver, who waited for his passenger to finish her prayers before starting their journey, has been receiving praise for his actions

Nur Ainul Jannah Mohamed Alijan and her cousin Aliyah Ibrahim Ali Choon, who are from Kedah, were visiting Sri Petaling when it was time to perform their prayers.

According to Nur Ainul's Twitter, since the girls did not know where the nearest mosque was, they had hoped to make it to a surau at the nearest LRT station via Grab.

However, due to the traffic and waiting time for their Grab, Aliyah decided to pray first, in order not to miss the prayer window

"The time to pray had come nearer so my cousin decided to look for an open space that was clean to pray," Nur Ainul said, as reported by Malay Mail.

When the Grab driver arrived, Aliyah was still praying.

Without complaining, the uncle said it was okay and that he could wait for Aliyah to finish her prayers

He also added that the girls only had to pay for the fare, and not the extra waiting time.

"Although he is not Muslim, the uncle did not have problems with us. He was friendly although he had to wait for us," Nur Ainul said, according to Malay Mail.

"His willingness to wait for us shows he respects other religions."

Netizens have heaped praise on the Grab driver for his actions

Grab has also responded with praise of the driver:

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