M'sian Shares Heartwarming Experience Of Commuters Helping An 'Uncle' On The LRT

"May all our kind acts earn us kindness as well."

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A netizen's Twitter thread detailing a heartwarming experience with an elderly man on the LRT has caught the attention of many Malaysians on social media

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In a post that has garnered 20,000 retweets at the time of writing, Twitter user @nellynonoi wrote that, "I was approaching the stairs in the train station when I noticed a Chinese uncle having difficulty going down."

After asking him, "Uncle, can you see?" the woman discovered that the man had poor vision.

"I cannot see in front. I can only see shadows," he told her.

The woman offered to hold his hand and accompany him onto the train as their stops were both on the Ampang line.

While walking, the man asked Maryamah if she was Chinese, Indian, or Malay. When she responded saying that she was Malay, he said, "Today is Friday. Aren't you going to the mosque?

He also asked how many times Muslims needed to pray in a day and how long each prayer would take.

In her tweet, Maryamah highlighted the quiet acts of kindness shown by other commuters on the LRT towards the elderly man

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She wrote that she was surprised to see people giving way when the pair entered the train and offering their seats as soon as they saw him.

When the train had reached the man's stop, a commuter "covered in tattoos and piercings" standing nearby held onto him and assisted him out of the train.

Once at his stop, Maryamah saw two girls immediately running to help him onto the escalator.

"If there's one lesson to take from this experience, it's that Malaysians are compassionate without even saying a word," she wrote in the Twitter thread

"There are a lot of kind people out there, whether young or old," said Maryamah.

"May all our kind acts earn us kindness as well."

Well done, commuters! Here's to always being kind and compassionate to those who need it <3

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