Malaysians Share Heartwarming Moments Of Unity On Twitter After Zakir Naik Controversy

"We are all proudly Malaysians."

Cover image via Twitter @farihah_fahmy/Twitter @Asyrafverymalay (Edited by SAYS)

Following controversial preacher Zakir Naik's "racist" remarks, Malaysians on Twitter are coming together to share their moments of 'muhibbah'

On the Twitter account for all things Malaysia (@twt_malaysia), the week's curator Maisarah Radhi invited netizens to "display the beauty of the culturally rich, multiethnic Malaysia".

"I'll start. This is my beautiful family: a Malay-Hainanese Chinese brood. We're a family of Muslims, Taoists, Catholics, and Buddhists. And we are all proudly Malaysians," she tweeted.

Malaysians, of course, responded to the '#MalaysiaUnites' tag with their own stories.

Here are some of them:

1. A group of tertiary students learning Tamil together

2. "Malay, Chinese, India, Iban, Melanau, all. Everyone has a different story and perspective."

3. "Our Indian neighbour brought my mother to the hospital when she was about to give birth to me."

"During National Service, our Indian mates joined us during 'sahur' and our Chinese mates borrowed our baju kurung so that we could all wear it together," one netizen shared.

4. This hilarious incident that involved the kindness of strangers

"One time, an Indian friend's car rolled into the drain because she forgot to pull her handbrake. So a bunch of Malay boys stopped by, laughed, and left. They came back with a bunch of boys, laughed some more, and carried the car out - and left. No one asked them, that's how my town rolls," related another netizen.

5. Besides Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year is the second biggest celebration for this family

6. When your Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations include Indian food

7. "This is #keretapisarong2018 where we all went out wearing 'kain sarong'."

8. "One small hole can sink us all."

"Every meeting, my boss always says, 'We are all sitting in one boat. You are Muslim, they are Christian, there are also Buddhists, [and] our races are all different. One small hole can sink us all. As long as we respect each other, this boat can become an airplane'. And my boss is Chinese," shared a netizen.

What is your own #MalaysiaUnites moment? Share with us in the comments!

These moments of unity and respect for each other's beliefs are not unusual:

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