Netizens Share The Heartwarming Ways Their Non-Muslim Friends Show Support During Ramadan

"I pity them for being hungry, but they do it to show respect."

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One of the best things about living in Malaysia is being surrounded by loved ones of different races and religions

Malaysians are not only exposed to the festivities celebrated by our friends throughout the year, we are often just as excited to be a part of them.

A tweet published by @faridhanip on 5 May perfectly encapsulates that special sense of camaraderie. 

"My Indian and Chinese friends cook and have sahur with me," Farid tweeted

In the attached photos, his four friends can be seen preparing a meal together before dawn on the first day of Ramadan.

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The menu for the group's first sahur included Maggi, eggs, sausages, and French toast.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Farid proudly added that they also broke fast together later that day

Image via Twitter

Farid told SAYS that the five friends met at flying school and are currently working together at AirAsia.

He explained that while they did not fast, they still wanted to celebrate the first holy day of Ramadan with him.

Touched by Farid's posts, netizens chimed in to share their experiences with friends of different races and religions during the holy month

Several Muslim Twitter users revealed that their non-Muslim friends have gotten into the spirit of Ramadan by also committing to fasting.

They even checked or asked around to make sure they have the correct timings for sahur and buka puasa.

Another netizen shared a video she took of her Chinese friend breaking fast with a group of Muslim women

"This one is the most tired from fasting," she said, while her friend dug into her packed food.

A netizen applauded her colleagues for making conscious decisions to ensure that those fasting are comfortable during the holy month

"My seniors and non-Muslim staff don't apply for leave on the first day of Ramadan. They don't eat during the office hours. I pity them for being hungry, but they do it to show respect," another netizen wrote.

What thoughtful gestures! May we all continue to be kind and supportive of each other. <3

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