A Milo Truck Showed Up On A Pregnant Mother's Doorstep To Fulfil Her Cravings

Her in-laws had chased down the truck on a highway just days before.

Cover image via MILO Malaysia (Edited by SAYS)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is no kopitiam Milo that could match up to the magic of the Milo truck

Image via Bargain Queen

Young or old, everyone knows the magic of the Milo truck is unrivalled. Tastes best right after a hot day on the track during Hari Sukan!

Well, a few days ago, a pregnant mother's parents-in-law went viral for chasing down a Milo truck on the road - just so they could fulfil her craving!

"My pregnant wife is craving some 'Milo lori', so when my parents saw a Milo lorry on the road, they gave chase!" the viral tweet by @AzmerMerzam read.

Azmer added his wife, Natasya Rose Nizam, had been craving the drink since she was in her first trimester. She is currently eight months along in her pregnancy.

Although the Milo truck driver was kind enough to stop for them, the drink was unfortunately not ready yet.

There's still a happy ending to this saga though.

Yesterday, 1 May, Milo decided to show up on Natasya's doorstep with a whole truck of the beloved drink

On Milo Malaysia's Facebook page, they said that she also shared her drinks with children from Taman Pengasih Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah.

The sweet gesture drew praise from netizens, with many also trying their luck to get a truck drive up to their house

"My wife is also pregnant and she wants this. How now, Milo?" one netizen wrote.

Another netizen suggested that Milo go on a nationwide tour to give all pregnant mothers free drinks.

Meanwhile, another netizen joked that this story could be turned into a new ad for Milo. 

What a way to make hearts melt!

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