KL Postman Dressed Up As Spider-Man For A Day Because Of 'Avengers: Endgame'

Not bad, Pos Malaysia.

Cover image via Asrul Muzaffar/Pos Malaysia

All the excitement over the release of Avengers: Endgame has led to Pos Malaysia jumping in on the latest Marvel movie fever too

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, 24 April, Pos Malaysia uploaded a photo of one of its postmen delivering mail on a motorcycle while dressed as Spider-Man.

The postal delivery service told Malay Mail that the whole purpose for this photo, taken near Central Market, was to appreciate and highlight its own heroes – postmen, which explains why it added #posmenheroku to its caption.

Although on the clock, Spidey was spotted taking time to chat with fellow citizens while waiting at a traffic light

Pos Malaysia's post, which has since received over 400 comments and 570 shares, has left netizens' humour senses tingling

One netizen wrote, "Poor thing, he didn't have enough time to change his uniform."

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Some even asked if this could potentially be the new uniform for postmen in Malaysia :p

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

If you've already seen the movie, please keep all spoilers to yourself okay:

But if you haven't, here's how you can prevent yourself from seeing spoilers on Facebook:

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