19 Hari Sukan Memories Malaysians Will Never Forget

The Olympics of our childhood!

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1. "Sukan" as a primary school kid meant hopping in a gunny sack, balancing ping pong balls on a spoon, and a pundi kacang on your head

Anyone else really miss (and maybe even preferred) those days?

2. It wasn’t until secondary school that you had to do real sports

3. So you'd take advantage of PJ class to get in some extra training in the weeks leading up to the actual day...

Even if you didn't really want to, your teacher sure paksa wan.

4. ... and of course you'd stay back after school for practice sessions with your rumah sukan

5. When you qualified to represent your house, it felt a little something like this:

6. There's always an epic debate to decide on your house's theme of the year

'Team Let's Do Something Really Creative & Unique' VS 'Team Let's Do Something That's Easy To Decorate Pls'.

7. On the actual day, the sun always seems to be 3X hotter UGH!

^ OMG why weren't we all this smart?!

8. Only those in perbarisan truly understand this struggle

Image via SMK Malim

Having to stand completely still UNDER THE BLAZING HOT SUN while the opening ceremony and all the speeches are going on is pure torture! T___T

9. And if that wasn't enough, you also have to deal with people saying you're "taking the easy way out" by not joining a sport

SORRY LAH, we're not all athletic superstars okay? And perbarisan totally isn't as easy as it looks!

10. The rivalry between all the houses was TOO REAL #mortalkombat

Remember how each house had its own reputation and how we'd come up with taunts to yell at each other? Author's examples from personal experience include "yellow yellow dirty fellow" and "blue blue smell my shoe" LOL.

11. But everyone always pakat to gang up against that one who wins every single year

If you happened to be in that house, the pressure to defend your title was so intense man!

12. You feel incredibly guilty for not supporting your best friend because they're in another house

Especially if you end up directly competing against them.

13. Winning felt SO. GOOD. and came with so much pride and glory :D

Image via SK Seremban 2A

14. Because it totally made you the hero of your rumah sukan and also kind of a celebrity at school the next day

All hail (insert your name here)!

15. Even if you're not really a sporty person, you still loved Hari Sukan for giving you a day off to just sit around and lepak...

But you still end up dead tired at the end of the day from cheering and clapping non-stop.

16. ... plus, it was just that much easier to sneak away and ponteng ;)

17. Two words guys: FREE FOOD!

Okay lah, it's probably just the same old food from the kantin that you eat everyday but it's FREE so who cares?!

18. And how can we forget the best part of Hari Sukan? MILO TRUCK, HERE I COME!

No one makes MILO like the MILO trucks do, SO SYOK MAN! :9

19. Most importantly, when it's over, you have to cabut ASAP so you don't get stuck helping to clean up

Image via SK Seafield

The trick is to drag your parents away to the car before they start chatting with other parents or even worse, with your teachers!

What are some other iconic Hari Sukan memories you have? Let us know in the comments section below! :)

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