Unsung Hero Cleans 360L Worth Of Garbage In KL Community Garden

He has been cleaning the area for the past two years.

Cover image via u/afiqasyran86 (Reddit)

Unsung heroes are all around us. And sometimes, they're just in shorts and a T-shirt.

Reddit user u/afiqasyran86 recently shared how garbage and grease from nearby shoplots, carwash shops, and restaurants flow into a water catchment in front of his house at a community garden in KL.

Seeing this happen, he spent two days to clean it up on his own and collected about 360L worth of junk – the size of three huge garbage bins!

He said that the catchment area is considered a "buffer zone" where rubbish from houses and shoplots flow into as it makes its way to the river.

It's like "an acre of one big dumpster".

To urge Malaysians to be more considerate of the environment, he posted a timelapse of the clean up on Reddit, which went viral.

He revealed that he has been doing this for the past two years, especially after heavy rains when plastic and grease pile up

When someone questioned why he bothers to clean it up if the rubbish is just going to keep piling up, u/afiqsyran86 responded by saying that we need to treat our environment as our home and perhaps start public shaming litterbugs.

"Preaching [to] others to do this won't make a difference. You need to act on it, less complaints."

"Maybe public shaming (through CCTV, catching someone throwing rubbish or something and sharing it on social media) is one of the best ways to push for more people to take care of their own trash. Being afraid of going viral is another motivation not to litter at this age," he added.

Since his video went viral, the Internet has been praising his efforts and some even asked if they could join him on his next gotong royong

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

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