Authorities Mail Trash Back To Visitors Who Littered At Thai National Park

Passive aggression at its best.

Cover image via TOP Varawut (Facebook)

Campers who littered at a national park in Thailand are in for a 'treat' after authorities recently ordered for their trash to be delivered back to them

Thailand's Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Varawut Silpa-archa ordered Khao Yai National Park officials to pack the rubbish in parcels and mail them to the visitors' addresses that were recorded down during their stay.

The Thaiger reported that although there were garbage bins present at the campsite, visitors had left a large amount of trash all over the place last weekend.

To teach them a lesson, officials packed up the rubbish and sent them back as 'souvenirs'

In a Facebook post on 15 September, Varawut said that they had kindly asked for the trash to be thrown in the designated bins because it may kill wild animals who search for food.

"In this case, we purposefully collected all your rubbish in a box and sent them to your home as a souvenir as a lesson to not litter anywhere ever again," he added.

The Minister reminded the public that littering is an offence under the country's National Park Act

Citing Article 19 (2), Varawut said that those who spoil natural resources, the ecosystem, or biological diversity can face imprisonment of up to five years, a fine of THB500,000 (RM64,000), or both.

He also cited Article 20, which states that national park visitors must act in accordance with official instructions, and those who violate the rules will be fined up to THB100,000 (RM13,000).

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