Man Caught Littering In Sabah Had To Clean Up Wearing A "Kutu Sampah" Vest

The incident recently occurred in Sandakan.

Cover image via Suara Warisan Sabah/Facebook

A video of a man sweeping the streets in Sabah recently went viral on social media

According to Sin Chew Daily, the incident is believed to have occurred near Gentingmas Mall in Sandakan earlier this week.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered nearly 750 shares on Facebook. 

Prior to the incident, the man had been caught littering by officers from the Sandakan Municipal Council

China Press reported that the man, who was asked to immediately pay a summon for littering, failed to fork out RM100 at the scene. A bystander was heard saying that the man was the first to be fined for littering in the city. 

He was then punished with sweeping the streets for an hour under supervision of the officers. 

On top of that, he was made to wear a fluorescent vest with the words "Kutu Sampah" (litterbug) while sweeping in public. 

Image via China Press

An officer from the Municipal Council was heard in the viral video explaining to members of the public regarding penalties for littering

One will be fined RM250 by the district Health Department, and another RM100 from the Sandakan Municipal Council if caught littering by the authorities. 

Moreover, offenders are required by the Council to wear the "Kutu Sampah" vest while sweeping the streets.

The new law reportedly came into effect on 1 July. 

You can watch the man in action here:

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