Heartwarming Photo Shows Officer Spending Last National Day Parade Together With K9 Doggo

Thank you for your service! T.T

Cover image via @hrppertiwi (TikTok) & Panggilan Pertiwi (Facebook)

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A heartwarming photo of a Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) officer and his K9 partner went viral over the weekend

The photo, posted by non-governmental organisation Panggilan Pertiwi, was taken at the Hari Kebangsaan parade in Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday, 31 August.

In the album that has over 50 photos of the parade, the one of the handler and his dog sharing a precious moment at a public walkway in the city, presumably after the celebrations were over, melted many hearts on social media.

It garnered over 3,900 likes and over 1,000 shares, with netizens commending the photographers for the wonderful shot.

The photo also caught the attention of the military officer himself, who thanked the photographers for immortalising such a special moment to him

Commenting on the Facebook album, it is revealed that the officer is Corporal Walensten and his K9 companion is Loki.

The officer said, "Thank you. I want to tell you that the person in this picture is me with my dog, ​​Loki, and this is our last independence celebration because we will be parting ways soon."

"We have faced the minefields of life together over the years and he is my true friend."

He added that they will be parting because his service is coming to an end, while Loki will remain in the K9 unit and train under a new handler.

In the best response, Panggilan Pertiwi released a few more photos of the duo and thanked them for their service to the country

In a video collage on TikTok, Pangilan Pertiwi said it was their pleasure and honour to share their story and promised to send the officer the rest of the images they took that day.

"I'm sure you might need it to remember these moments with Loki. Thanks again for your service to the nation, sir!" said the photographers.

"I will put this photo next to my bed when I sleep because this is one of the best memories for both of us," replied the grateful corporal.

Thank you for your service, Corporal Walensten and Loki!

The parade saw many more adorable K9 doggos walking with their handlers down the streets of the city:

Here are other highlights that took place at the parade: