Little Boy Shows More Than Just National Pride At The Hari Kebangsaan Parade

He's a little confused, but he definitely has spirit.

Cover image via @emmahafiz1712 (TikTok) & @AreSyah (Twitter)

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There was much anticipation for the Hari Kebangsaan parade this year as many Malaysians witnessed numerous promising acts that would be showcased on the big day during the Hari Kebangsaan rehearsals

From adorable K9 PDRM doggos marching next to their handlers in little booties, to handsome abang firefighters flexing their muscles to the adoration of the audience, Malaysians were in for a treat on 31 August.

Now, one would think that if you've seen the rehearsals, there wouldn't be anymore surprises right?

Nope! Because this little guy more or less stole the show at the parade for showing his national pride in a different way.

Seen standing on a fire and rescue life raft with another child and fellow firefighters, the hilarious kid was supposed to wave the Fire and Rescue Department flag whilst doing the finger heart sign.

Unfortunately, his finger heart turned into something more shocking, which he proudly showed to the crowd, who erupted into bouts of laughter.

Obviously tickled by the scene, many individuals in the audience began to warn the firefighter chaperoning the two children, to stop the little guy from giving the finger to the audience. The firefighter, amused by the action, quickly put a stop to his shenanigans.

Being so iconic must be such hard work because he was soon seen laying down on the raft, presumably asleep

Poor guy. He was probably drained from carrying the whole Hari Kebangsaan parade on his shoulders.

Netizens found the whole scene incredibly hilarious

Image via Twitter

You can watch the full video below:

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The little boy wasn't the only person who got the crowd 'fired' up:

These adorable K9 doggos stole the hearts of Malaysians at the Hari Kebangsaan parade rehearsal:

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