K9 Doggos Wear Adorable Booties As They Walk At Hari Kebangsaan Parade Rehearsal

Protecc nation, protecc paws.

Cover image via @farwizah98 (TikTok) , @nrhdyhzlkfli (TikTok) , Polis Diraja Malaysia (Royal Malaysia Police)/Facebook

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Dataran Merdeka has been holding parade rehearsals recently in preparation for Hari Kebangsaan

With just one day left to Malaysia's Independence Day, TikTok videos have already gone up showing the practices that have been taking place, attracting passerbys who can't help but stop to watch.

In several videos posted by TikTok users @nrhdyhzlkfli and @farwizah98, military units, the bomba, and veterans who protected Malaysia are among those who can be seen parading at the event.

Many have contributed to this nation, including a particularly cute group that was seen strutting down the street during rehearsals

Warning: The following images and videos may be too cute for some to handle.

With tongues hanging and tails wagging, the K9 unit of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) aka the dogs who help sniff out and solve crimes around Malaysia can be seen walking down the streets wearing little booties on each paw!

Their handlers are also seen wearing 'matching boots' and walking side-by-side with each good boi.

The Internet couldn't help but admire and thank these cuties for their services in protecting the country

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Malaysia's K9 unit are trained dogs that are held in high regard by the police for helping to solve crimes

With their acute sense of smell, these dogs are able to do what modern technology cannot do, like detecting illegal substances, missing persons, and crowd control.

According to PDRM, a well-trained dog and officer can search a building quicker and more effectively than 10 police officers.

The special shoes that are put on the dogs are to ensure comfort and reduce heat on their paws while they are involved in the parade every year.

Photo of the dogs with their booties before the Hari Kebangsaan parade in 2020.

Image via Polis Diraja Malaysia (Royal Malaysia Police)/Facebook

Many of these cuties have served well and left a legacy in Malaysia:

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