"I've Lost My First Colleague" - Loyal Pahang Police Dog Passes Away

Tho had served alongside its partner since it was eight months old.

Cover image via Bernama/New Straits Times & JSJ Kontinjen Pahang (Facebook)

Tho, a Labrador who has been serving faithfully in the Detective Dog Unit (K9) in Malaysia, recently passed away due to old age

Born in 2008 in China, Tho had trained and served alongside Sergeant Patrick Sandai as a narcotics sniffer dog ever since it was eight months old.

"We both trained at the Kuala Lumpur Police Training Centre for four months before working as partners due to our compatibility," Patrick told Bernama.

In the past three months, however, Tho's health began to deteriorate, causing it to lose its appetite

On Saturday, 19 September, the 12-year-old dog took its last breath with its master by its side.

"I've lost my first colleague," Patrick shared with the news portal, disheartened by his partner's death.

"We participated in many operations at nightclubs, ports, airports, and various other locations regardless of the time."

"During our time together, never once did Tho disappoint me," he added

The duo had worked together in the Criminal Investigation Department (JSJ) of IPK Johor before they were transferred to Pahang in 2018.

On top of busting drug smuggling operations, Patrick expressed that Tho was a loving and caring dog, who would often rub itself against his legs to 'play'.

Tho's death was shared on Pahang's JSJ Facebook page, and the post has since racked up over 2,600 shares.

Many sent their condolences and thanked the furry Sergeant for its service all these years

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Rest well, Tho. :')

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