"He's An Angel" — Air Steward Praised For Cradling Baby During Air India Flight

"He isn't obligated to do this, but he did."

Cover image via @jeevan_jwa (Instagram)

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Kindness goes a long way to those in tough spots.

One flight attendant is being praised for his care and candour, after cradling a baby on a flight.

In the now-viral Instagram post, a user who goes by the name Jeevan Venkatesh, published a video on his page of an air steward carrying his baby down the aisle of an airplane.

The recording shows the baby comfortably resting her head on the steward's shoulder and enjoying every minute of the cuddles.

Accompanying the video, the father included a caption that read, "Really appreciate the sweet gesture of an [Air India] staff. It was a surprise when my daughter felt comfort lying on the steward's shoulder, thanks to him."

Jeevan also referenced a lot of changes to his trip after "Tata's" takeover. Digging through the archives of Air India, it was discovered that Air India was founded as Tata Airline Service in 1932 as India's first air service. Though it was nationalised, Tata Group eventually won a bid and acquired the airline under their keep once more.

Jeevan eventually updated the caption in his post after he found the air steward who cradled his child.

The flight attendant, who goes by the name Neil Malkam, was tagged in the caption of the photo. Jeevan also went on to thank the public for helping the video go viral enough so that he may find the man.

Thousands of comments flooded the post, with many praising Neil for going above and beyond his duties as a flight attendant

A couple of users mentioned that his gesture had less to do with the change in management of the airline, and instead bore on Neil's character himself. "It is mainly with the individual's attitude and nothing to do with the takeover," said one person.

One user even commented on the child's comfortability with Neil, as most children would be scared of strangers. "He's very good with little kids!"

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