"Run For Your Life" — Boys Scramble To Safety As Their Friend Chases Them With A Lizard

"Doors are a saving grace."

Cover image via @ohlookitsjim (TikTok)

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RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! IT'S... a lizard?

In a now-viral video, TikTok user (@ohlookitsjim) who goes by Izzat, posted a 15-second clip of him chasing his friends around a house with a lizard in his hand.

Though that may not seem like a particularly entertaining thing to do, their reactions while being chased were nothing short of gut-busting.

Chasing three of his friends, the video begins with Izzat carrying the creature and cornering his housemates, who arm themselves with a broom and dustpan

Luckily for them, they both manage to head into individual store rooms and shield themselves from it in the nick of time.

After reaching out to Izzat and diving deeper into his account, SAYS found out that this isn't Izzat's first video scaring his friends with a lizard attack

Apparently, the viral video is a second-part installation of an initial video. In this TikTok, Izzat stumbles across the lizard while his friends are cleaning the compound of the locale... and then proceeds to chase them with it once more.

One of his friends jumps over the gate, with Izzat eventually jumping over as well to chase him down, all with the lizard in hand.

Cumulatively, both videos have surpassed two million views and almost 200,000 likes on TikTok

Matching the comedic humour of the video were the series of responses that came along with it.

"The door was their saving grace," noted one user, while another chimed in and asked why the lizards' tail was so long.

Meanwhile, others absolutely lost it at them carrying a broom and dustpan as their 'weapons of defence'.

Watch both of Izzat's TikTok videos below:


tolong cari awek member aku ni jap, dia kata dia menantu pilihan, tapi lepas kes ni, auto jadi menantu disqualified

Funny Song - Cavendish Music

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