[VIDEO] People Scream To Get Free Ice Cream From McDonald's. But Wait, Who Hurt This Guy?

Kinda need that too.

Cover image via @yukianggia (TikTok)

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McDonald's Singapore just ran a fun promotion at one of its outlets, where customers were required to scream to get a free ice cream cone

The fast food chain installed a digital board at its soft serve booth in Funan from 29 to 31 August.

Customers simply had to scream at the digital board until the target decibel level.

As they screamed, the plain vanilla ice cream cone on the board would transform into a Hershey's chocolate flavour, and they could then collect a voucher for a free Hershey's cone. 

As most people love freebies, the campaign saw many screaming at the board.

One guy, however, was the most relatable.

With his backpack still on, he stood in front of the board and screamed his lungs out, until his whole body trembled. 


Replying to @Aisyah Siti Arum Sho serius nanya: orang Asia kenapa, sih?

Bad Habits - eydrey

NGL, it appeared that he needed that release more than anyone else and it must have felt really good. 

Based on a clip of another customer right after, it seemed like people really needed to belt it out in order to hit the correct decibel

One guy in a blue T-shirt could be seen letting out softer screams which appeared to have not hit the target.

Here's what people online had to say:

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McDonald's Malaysia, when's our turn? :P

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