[PHOTOS] This Malaysian Reimagined How Kuih-Muih Would Look As Anime Characters

Is it just me, or is ketayap kinda handsome?

Cover image via Prihatin Spanco & Aniff Zazali (Facebook)

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33-year-old product designer, Aniff Zazali, has gone viral for drawing anime-game characters inspired by our beloved kuih-muih

Speaking to SAYS, Aniff told us, "I always watch people from overseas draw 'gijinka', which is turning non-living items into humans, of their food or culture. So, I thought, why not try drawing a gijinka of Malaysian food?"

By mixing game and anime character designs, he came out with 21 gijinka of Malaysian kuih-muih.

His personal favourite of the series is kuih koci in terms of design, and semperit dahlia in terms of the art, as they are drawn in a new art style he has never attempted before.

Ever wondered how our delicious array of kuih would look like if they were anime-game characters?

Let's take a look at the mindblowing renditions of kuih personified:

1. Karipap

2. Donat

3. Seri Muka

4. Kuih bom

5. Pau

6. Pulut panggang

7. Onde-onde

8. Cekodok

9. Kuih lapis

10. Burger Malaysia

11. Kuih koci

12. Kuih Puteri mandi

13. Kuih angku

14. Vadai

15. Kuih keria

16. Kuih ketayap

17. Kuih cara berlauk

To top it all off, he even turned some kuih raya into anime-game characters:

18. Almond London

19. Honey cornflakes

20. Dodol

21. Kuih semperit dahlia

Now, it's time to choose your fighter

Check out Aniff's original post here:

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