This Is What The Jalur Gemilang Would Look Like If It Was A Samurai In A Japanese Anime

The reimagination started making the rounds leading up to Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Cover image via New Straits Times/World Flags (Edited by SAYS)

A Japanese website is introducing the world's national flags in the most Japanese way possible – by using anime

Image via World Flags

The project started making the rounds in the hype leading up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

This is what the Jalur Gemilang looks like as a samurai:

Image via World Flag

Dubbed the 'Child of the Sun and Moon', the Malaysian samurai is decked out in its 'Armour Jalur Gemilang' bearing the yellow-gold, red, and dark blue colours of our beloved flag.

The design is accompanied with a Japanese translation of the Bahasa Melayu proverb "seperti mentimun dengan durian" (Like a cucumber to a durian).

According to Peribahasa.Info, the proverb means "an unequal comparison".

A close-up shot reveals the little details on the samurai's armour, such as stitches to imitate the stripes of the Jalur Gemilang

Image via World Flags

The World Flags website was set up primarily to give a brief introduction to each country that will be participating in the 2021 Olympics. 

The entry on Malaysia provides a brief history on the formation of the flag and its meaning, but also notes a recent incident where the Jalur Gemilang was mistaken as an American flag decorated with ISIS symbols.

Some of our ASEAN neighbours also got the samurai treatment, such as Singapore...

Image via World Flags

... Thailand...

Image via World Flags

... Philippines...

Image via World Flags

... and Indonesia!

Image via World Flags

Check out the samurai from other countries here

The Tokyo Olympics has officially been postponed to 2021:

This reimagination of the Jalur Gemilang is great fodder for future Miss Universe Malaysia national costumes:

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