[VIDEO] Netizens Praise M'sian Teacher For Teaching Children About Their Bodies & Consent

"This teacher's presentation is so good. It should be an example," said a Facebook user.

Cover image via Ferdy Cikgu Celebrity (Facebook)

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Netizens are praising a teacher for his compelling way of teaching a young group of children about the concept of safe touch – a basic lesson in sex education

Teacher Mohd Man Saiful Effendy, fondly known as Cikgu Ferdy on Facebook, shared a three-minute video of himself teaching the lesson in a pre-school class last week.

In the video, he is seen asking his students about the "sensitive parts" of the body that should not be touched by strangers

He asked them to list them out and demonstrated the body parts such as the lips, chest, bottom, and genitals on a poster in front of the class.

The teacher also asked his students to practice saying "no" if anyone tried to touch them.

Cikgu Ferdy told the students that these indecent acts are types of physical harassment that could be reported to the police.

As he taught, the students could be heard following his lesson with interest, shouting answers and laughing at the teacher's antics.

The video has garnered over two million views and thousands of likes since it was uploaded

Many Facebook users gave their approval to Cikgu Ferdy's age-appropriate lesson on sex education and careful navigation of the topic.

Some parents said they have also downloaded the video to show it to their own children as a lesson.

"This teacher's presentation is so good. It should be an example," said a netizen.

Image via Facebook

Another Facebook user said, "Getting a teacher like this is the best. Students will always respond well and give answers. Good job, cikgu."

Image via Facebook

Someone else commented, "[This is] the best. These things should be taught to children as early as five years old, and should be repeated again and again until they are eight. Let the children remember and know these important things. May Allah protect these children from the eyes of the devil. Amin."

Image via Facebook

Speaking to SAYS after the video went viral, Cikgu Ferdy said he was so thankful for the overwhelming response he received

"I'm so thankful because my teaching on the topic of safe touch, unsafe touch, and uncomfortable touch was well-received by Malaysians of all races and religions," said the teacher who has been teaching for over 16 years.

Cikgu Ferdy also told SAYS that he was teaching a class of six-year-olds in a pre-school in Selangor in the video.

"Allah, I'm so moved by the comments. But the truth is, I'm just a normal teacher. There are many shortcomings in my lesson that needs to be improved and learned from," he said, adding that he will receive all comments as feedback to improve with an open heart, for the sake and safety of his students who are the future of the country.

Watch Cikgu Ferdy's lesson here:


Syok betul tengok Cikgu Ferdy ajar murid topik sentuhan tak selamat. Meriah betul! Maklumlah kanak2 ribena. Semoga anak-anak kita terhindar dari perbuatan yang tak elok dan tidak menjadi mangsa sexual predator. #pendidikanseksualiti #akhistory #akhireact #education

original sound - Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkawi - Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkawi

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