"It's Free!" — Driver Sticks Snacks & Face Masks On His Truck For Those In Need

"I saw this car today but I didn't dare to grab anything."

Cover image via @wetchayany (TikTok)

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A recent TikTok is going viral for the rather peculiar, yet heartwarming gesture from one human being, to as many as they could reach

Published a few days ago on 17 September, a TikTok user by the handle @wetchayany posted a video to his page of a pickup truck that's taking a rather unique method to spreading aid and kindness to those in need.

Now revealed to have been taken in Thailand, the caption of the video reads "You are very kind! Chiang Rai is great!"

The 16-second feature begins with the vehicle standing stationary at a traffic light juncture. Two boys can be seen taking the chance to run over to the vehicle at this moment, grabbing a couple of unseen items for themselves. One boy in a red hoodie can be seen gesturing a 'thank you' to the driver before quickly darting back to his motorcycle

A sign was placed at the back of the truck which read in Thai, "Grab it for free," signalling for those in need to take what they need.

Since being posted, the video has garnered almost two million views and over 100,000 likes

Many people chimed in under the post, expressing their delight in seeing these unknown individuals go out of their way to provide for the people within their community.

"My heart is full watching this," said one user, while another noted, "The people driving the car must be smiling for sure, even those watching this clip will be joyful."

One user even mentioned the gratitude of the boy in the red hoodie, for graciously thanking the drivers, "Love how the boy in the red hoodie gestured a 'thank you' after taking items from the car."

Some other comments were more cheeky and fun, with a few offering comedic relief for the heartwarming moment. 

One person stated that it would be nice to blare loud music, so as to alert those around them to take the snacks and face masks. Another user jokingly wrote, "10% of people picked the snacks, while the remaining 90% probably fell on the road."

The funniest comment of the bunch, however, would probably go to a user who wrote, "The adhesive tape must be super strong, you guys should receive sponsorship for it!"

Watch the full TikTok video below:

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