400-Pound Gorilla Gently Holds Nurse's Hand During Routine Health Checkup

34-year-old Koga is known as a sweetheart, and loves playing with his kids.

Cover image via CATERS/LADbible & WIVB

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A heartwarming moment was captured on camera during a regular health screening for one zoo's favourite gorilla

At the Buffalo Zoo in New York, a 34-year-old western lowland gorilla by the name of Koga, went through his biannual health MOT (measurements, observations, and tests) to ensure that he is fit and well.

Checking his eyes, muscles, joints, teeth, and heart, the zoo's medical team carried out the process to make sure he was in perfect shape, so that the 400-pound giant is not at risk of heart disease or other ailments.

However, it was a moment in the procedure that made the primate go viral. During the checkup, a photographer managed to capture images of Koga gently holding a nurse's hand.

Image via CATERS/LADbible

The photographer who caught the moment, Christian Dobosiewicz, noted that the tender gesture exemplified the kind nature of these big beasts

In an article with English media outlet, Caters News Agency, Dobosiewicz said that Koga had to be placed under anesthesia for the checkup to be carried out. 

Gushing over Koga and his key role as protector of his troops, Dobosiewicz added that Koga has been a very good father, often seen playing with his kids in their sanctuary. "He is really good with keepers, and responds well to training sessions. It's very cool to see how powerful and strong he is, as well as getting so close to such an interesting animal," he stated.

Doubling as the author for the zoo's news, the photographer added that the medical team was always on the ball and professional throughout the check, so it wasn't nerve wracking at all to get up close and personal with Koga. "I know how amazing they are at their job," he told reporters.

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Koga during the health check.

Koga during the health check.

Image via CATERS/LADbible

Dobosiewicz was happy to report that Koga is in peak of health with terrific test results, and is back in the sanctuary with his fellow gorillas

Koga in the sanctuary.

Image via WIVB

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