These Adorable Costumes Let Your Pets Join In On The Spooky Halloween Fun

Hm, to dress my cat as a nurse or a gangster? Decisions, decisions...

Cover image via Shopee

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Having your friends and their pets over for a Halloween party? Or maybe you just generally want to annoy your pets by dressing them up in peculiar and adorable outfits.

Image via Storyful/GIPHY

What is it about dressing up our pets that make it so fun? Whether it's their confused or unamused faces as they don the weirdest costumes we can find, or it's just the urge to annoy them once in a while, it never fails to get us in fits of laughter.

After diving through Shopee, we found some spook-tacular, 'aww'-inducing costumes that you can get for your pets

These costumes are wearable for both cats and dogs. They come in sizes S and M, and prices vary according to the costume.

Image via Shopee

First in line is the Cowboy Cat, out to cause meownace and challenge the neighbour's cats to duels at midnight

Image via Shopee

Ever wondered what your cats or dogs are up to so loud in the middle of the night? Well, they're obviously challenging other pets in the neighbourhood to duels. Now you know. :P

If you're an Asian parent and prefer your pets to pursue other 'reputable careers', Doctor Meow is here to be the talk of aunties to their children

Image via Shopee

Just look at the way it's standing. It knows that it's the hot topic among kepohci aunties to compare their children to. Oh, hold on, I think the hospital's calling it to come in for an emergency. Sorry ah, aunty.

Just as important, Nurse Purr is here to assist Doctor Meow in the emergency room

Image via Shopee

With its soft paws and kind eyes, Nurse Purr is sure to sooth you throughout whatever you're going through. If you listen closely, you can hear the pitter-patter of its paws running from room to room to make sure everyone's okay.

Sailor Meow has sailed the seven seas and seen it all, but now it wants to retire and can only sail the bathtub at home

Image via Shopee

Throughout its nine lives, Sailor Meow has traversed across the seven seas. It even sailed to the Bermuda Triangle to 'accidentally' discard of the collars its owner bought for him. Now, its sailing days are over, and its only wish is to sail the sea of catnip it spilled in the kitchen.

The seller's description says 'Gangster' but am I the only one who sees Chucky? No? Just me?

Image via Shopee

Be careful with this one because it's not like the others. This Chucky Shiba has such a killer costume (pun intended) that I almost feel threatened by its mere presence. Its overalls say 'Good Dogs', but is it really one of them?

To keep Chucky Shiba in line, Officer Paw will be patrolling the neighbourhood and keeping the community safe

Image via Shopee

With its stern face, Officer Paw is definitely the one to go to when naughty pets (especially oyens) cause trouble. Don't mess with it if you don't want to see the end of the stick!

Lastly, making a final grand entrance is rock star, David Meowie, with its good looks, chic poses, and a meow that can belt to any songs

Image via Shopee

With its cool sunglasses and guitar skills that put all rock stars to shame, David Meowie is here to give you the performance of a lifetime. Its aloof behaviour and mysterious aura has fangirls worldwide chanting for an encore.

Here's where you can get these costumes (pets not included):

Cowboy Cat RM15.29
Nurse Purr RM15.29
Doctor Meow RM15.25
Gangster/Chucky Shiba RM17.89
Guitarist/David Meowie RM17.89
Police/Officer Paw RM15.29 
Sailor Meow RM15.29

You can get these costumes here.

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