Wholesome Video Shows Gojek Riders Trying Customers' Favourite Orders For The First Time

Three riders try out a pizza, burger, and mentai toast.

Cover image via GoFood Indonesia

A video of Gojek Indonesia riders trying out their customers' favourite orders for the first time recently went viral

The video, which was originally uploaded on the GoFood Indonesia Facebook page, was reposted by Twitter user @ryan_nus on Saturday, 10 August.

GoFood Indonesia is a 24-hour food delivery service provided by Gojek, previously known as 'Go-Jek'.

"Gojek drivers who usually only get to take in the smell of your orders finally got to try the food themselves. Who's cutting onions here?" the tweet said.

The tweet has since garnered 346,900 views and 17,600 retweets.

The video opens with the riders sharing their experiences of delivering food

One female rider said, "I had to pick up an order once but I didn't have enough money to pay for it. So, the restaurant made me 'pawn' my identity card. I was so distraught at the time."

"I always found it funny that sometimes the food is so expensive but so small! It isn't local food, probably something from overseas," another rider shared.

When asked about whether they wanted to try the food they often deliver, one of them said, "If someone ever offers, why not?"

All three of them in the video were visibly excited, trying to figure out the ingredients of the food they were eating.

Each driver was given a different dish to try, which was a slice of pizza, a burger, and a piece of mentai toast.

One of the riders was in disbelief and asked if he really could eat the pizza served in front of him. It was his first time having pizza.

"I deliver this to people everyday but this is so rare for me. I usually just eat fried rice," he exclaimed.

Netizens were moved by the video and expressed their thanks for Gojek riders

One user said, "Thank you so much to food delivery riders. At times when I'm bored with food at home and at the office, you guys are my saviours. Watching this made me so sad."

"I always buy two portions and gift one to the riders. Sometimes they get confused and refuse to accept it but in the end they always thank me over and over again. Honestly, it's the least I could do," another user shared. 

This netizen replied to the tweet with their own experience of buying a GoFood rider a meal during fasting month. 

"I ordered from GoFood but called the rider and told them not to send it to me. Instead, I asked him to have it. After a while, he called and said he was downstairs. He came all the way just to say thank you."

Watch the full video here:

Driver icip-icip is back! Kali ini para mitra driver nyobain menu hits yang lagi sering dipesen sama GoFoodies! Penasaran kan? Yuk, nonton videonya.⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ #PastiAdaJalan

Posted by GoFood Indonesia on Friday, August 9, 2019

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