Guy Gets Pranked By Penang Theme Park Staff Who Jumps On His Tube & Leaves His GF Behind


Cover image via @iamzachhhh (Instagram)

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A visitor to a Penang water park had the Internet in stitches after a lifeguard apparently pulled a hilarious prank on him

Content creator, Zachary Chiah, recently shared a video of him going on a water slide with his girlfriend at Escape Penang. 

The theme park, which boasts the world's longest water slide, provides tubes that two people can sit on at a time and slide down.

At the start of the slide, there's a staff member or lifeguard who will help you get on the tube and send you off. 

In this instance, the lifeguard was helping the couple get ready to slide down together.

First, he helped Zachary get on.

Just as Zachary's girlfriend was about to board the tube, the lifeguard seemingly "slipped" and hopped onto the tube with Zachary, leaving his confused girlfriend behind

Confused and chuckling, Zachary looked at the lifeguard, glancing back and forth a couple of times, before asking him, "My baby leh?"

The lifeguard pointed towards the back where his girlfriend was left behind, to which Zachary then laughed and asked, "Why are you here?"

The lifeguard playfully replied, "Jatuh, jatuh" which translates to "Fell down", while both of them continued laughing.

Realising what had just happened, Zachary introduced himself to the lifeguard while they were both still sliding down together.

People have been cracking up over Zachary's video which has since gone viral

"You think this lifeguard played a prank on me or what?" Zachary wrote in the caption of the video.

Escape Penang themselves also responded to his video with a laughing emoji.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Speaking to SAYS, Zachary said that he and the lifeguard did a bro handshake after the ride was over and confirmed that it was indeed a prank.

Following footage shows Zachary and his girlfriend enjoying the rest of the theme park together... including the water slide.

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