Singaporean Guy Pranks Helper By Telling Her To Pick Up A Child's Toy In Hilarious Video

Justice for Yuli.

Cover image via @gigianddumbo (TikTok)

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Singaporean couple, Marcus and Gwen, who often share their family shenanigans on social media, went viral for a funny video the husband posted on Monday, 22 May

On their joint TikTok account called @gigianddumbo, a name referencing their kid and dog, Marcus shared a video of a prank he pulled on their helper, Yuli, who he told SAYS has been with them for three years.

"Yuli, why you take so long to keep one toy?" he wrote in the caption with a cheeky emoji.

The video captures Marcus asking Yuli to store away a toy that's lying on the floor.

But just as Yuli tries to pick it up, she notices another similar toy underneath the first one.

Little does she know that the toy is actually a type of Russian doll set, also known as stacking dolls, which are placed one inside another in decreasing sizes

And Yuli is left to pick up each doll, every single time.

Tickled by the prank, Yuli repeated this several times, until she finally thought that she'd collected them all.

But soon realised that she, in fact, still had one tiny doll left on the floor... and then another last one under that.

Bursting out in laughter, along with everyone else watching her, she bends down to retrieve the last few dolls.

The video, which ends with Yuli staring at the dolls in her hands while laughing in defeat, has also left the Internet in stitches

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Some immediately asked where they could find the toy. And Marcus replied to one comment saying that he found it randomly on Shopee.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

SAYS did a quick check and found it online.

You can buy the hilarious toy and prank others here.

Image via Shopee

The 10-piece set costs RM39.99.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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