Guy In Sabah Hilariously Pranks Cashier By Making Payment Through Card Hidden In His Mask

A miracle. ;)

Cover image via @its.bontolu (TikTok)

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A short TikTok video shows a man pranking an unsuspecting cashier

The 16-second video, posted yesterday, 19 November, has already garnered over 80,000 views.

In it, the Sabahan, Rodney Disimon, is seen preparing himself to pull the prank by inserting what looks like a Maybank debit card inside his black-coloured, three-fold face mask.

Once ready, he proceeds to walk to the cashier with the products he intends to purchase.

At the counter, the cashier scans the products and inputs the amount, which is RM6.60, in the card reader for Rodney to pay

As the cashier points the card reader towards the Sabahan, he 'prays' by folding his hands.

Rodney grabs the card reader and places it close to his face.

He then touches it with his face mask and we hear a tone signalling that the payment has been processed.

As the payment goes through, Rodney, once again, 'prays' by folding his hand as a sign to show his gratitude towards the almighty for helping him 'pay' on his behalf.

In the background, Rodney's friend, who has been recording the prank for him, is heard laughing.

While the prank was hilarious on its own, several people in the comment section expressed their desire to see the cashier's reaction

However, Rodney replied to some of the comments saying that he could not record that.

Still, people were left laughing at the simplicity of the prank that employed the use of a face mask.