[VIDEO] Delivery Rider Takes Over Kitchen To Make Roti Canai After Long Wait For Order

"Your rider is preparing your food."

Cover image via @broarifffff (TikTok)

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If time is indeed money, then this delivery rider in Selangor definitely knows its worth

The rider had arrived at the restaurant, but seeing how the kitchen was taking a bit too long, decided to take over and personally make the roti canai for the order he had come to pick up

According to TikTok user Muhd Ariff, who uploaded the short clip sometime last week, the hilarious incident took place at an unspecified eatery in Selayang.

In the video, which has since gone viral with over 335,000 views, the delivery rider is seen standing behind the griddle as he presses the roti canai dough while looking at someone to his side.

The delivery rider's dedication has certainly made people chuckle

In the comment section, hundreds have taken to shower praise on abang foodpanda.

"Your rider is preparing your food," reads one of the most liked comments under the original video.

Another comment read, "Abang foodpanda is able to multitask, your BF (boyfriend)? Didn't think so."

Others remarked about how the rider was probably inspired by Thanos.

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Watch the rider go beyond the call of duty here:

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