Guys, Singapore Is In Malaysia (Apparently)


Cover image via The Zoe Report

Singapore is in Malaysia, apparently!

Well, it is if we go by an article on The Zoe Report titled "This Is The Most Expensive City In The World (No, It's Not Paris)" written by one Angela Melero today, 20 February.

Image via The Zoe Report

For a website that's part of the Bustle Digital Group, The Zoe Report somehow cannot check the history and geographical accuracy of a place before writing an article on it.

The article, which lists eight cities, claims that Singapore - yes, the island city-state that isn't actually in Malaysia - is part of Malaysia

According to The Zoe Report, Singapore is "the Malaysian island city-state", whose "wealth may have been spotlighted in the recent blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians" but whose reputation as the most expensive city in the world has been long held.

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On Twitter, Malaysians couldn't help but react:

What could be the reason behind such historical error, given how easy it is to Google? Maybe because it is not an error. Maybe - as someone on Twitter suggested - the writer time travelled. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

On the other hand, the BBC just claimed that the Yee Sang we know and love today was created by four Singaporean chefs:

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