5 Awesome Things We All Wish Would Happen So Every Day Is A Smooth Day

Those perfect days when everything goes smoothly are just sooo puas!

Cover image via bruce mars (Unsplash) & Timothy / SAYS

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You know how we sometimes have those absolutely PERFECTTT days, where everything just goes so smoothly? It just feels so good, yassss!

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From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed at the end of the day, everything just goes your way, with absolutely nothing giving you problems or making your life susah.

In our hectic daily lives, those smooth days are rare, and we just love when they unexpectedly happen! <3

Come, let's journey through an oh-so-smooth day together:

1. When you head out for the day, your journey is soooo smooth

Omg, this is the best feeling ever, especially when all the traffic lights you encounter along the way are green, whooohoooo! It's such a puas feeling to see all the green lights, and it makes you feel like nothing is in your way. Bonus is if traffic is smooth too AND you immediately find a great parking spot when you arrive at your destination. BESSSTT!

2. And then, the lift that usually takes 10 billion years to arrive, opens immediately

Wah, this one really miracle, wei! It's such an awesome feeling when the doors open as soon as you press the button, and it feels extra awesome when the lift is empty. That way, you can smoothly get to your floor without having to stop at other floors. Nice lah!

3. Things going smoothly at work is just *chef's kiss*

Meetings end on time, you effortlessly get everything you need to do done, the printer doesn't jam for once, and your boss even praises you. Is there anything better than a smooth day at work? It feels great being able to leave work on time so you can enjoy happy hour with your friends!

4. Letting loose after work is just so syok lah!

Image via Timothy / SAYS

What better way to end a smooth day than with a drink like Carlsberg Smooth Draught? It is not only as smooth as freshly tapped beer, the brew also has a refreshing hoppy taste with an easy finish.

Whether you're drinking some pints during happy hour with your buddies, or enjoying a few cans on your own at home, Carlsberg Smooth Draught is the perfect way to top off the great day you've had, like icing on a cake.

Btw, did you know that Carlsberg Smooth Draught now comes in a brand new look? But don't worry, it's still the same smooth brew you know and love!

Image via Timothy / SAYS

It's not just the bottles, but also the big and small cans that will have this new packaging, ooooo. The highlight of the new look is the addition of the 'Fresh Cap', which helps to preserve the beer's freshness, making it up to five times fresher.

Image via Timothy / SAYS

Now, you can enjoy the fresh taste of the smooth-as-draught-beer Carlsberg Smooth Draught anywhere, anytime!

5. When there's a promo on something you enjoy, that just makes it even more awesome, woohooo!

Image via Timothy / SAYS

Ending your smooth day by treating yourself to something you love already feels great, but when there's a promo on it, it just makes you feel even happier, kan? ;)

From now until the end of May, Carlsberg is also running various promos for Carlsberg Smooth Draught. All these promos end on 31 May 2021, so make sure you enjoy them before that!

Here are all the promo deets:

1. Restaurants/Bars/Pubs Promo:

- Buy two buckets of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Get an extra 325ml pint for FREE

2. E-comm (Lazada and Shopee) Promo:

- Buy a carton of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Win an Apple iPad or RM100 Touch 'n Go eWallet credit

3. Supermarket/Hypermarket + 99 Speedmart Promo:

- Buy two 6-can packs, Get RM5 Touch 'n Go eWallet credit

- Buy four 6-can packs or a 24-can pack, Get RM10 Touch 'n Go eWallet credit

4. Convenience stores Promo:

- Buy RM25 and above, Win RM2, RM5, or RM10 Touch 'n Go eWallet credit

For more info on Carlsberg, head over to their website. Also, don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Image via Timothy / SAYS

As a reminder, the legal drinking age in Malaysia is 21 years old. That means you need to be 21 and non-Muslim in order to buy and consume alcohol. Remember to always drink responsibly and in moderation. If you plan to drink, try carpooling with a friend who isn't drinking or catch a cab instead of driving. #CelebrateResponsibly

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